1)    With the expected proliferation of electric and self-driving cars in the coming decade, I want Boulder to dramatically increase the number of public EV charging stations. This will move Boulder’s transportation infrastructure forward so we remain at the leading edge of transportation innovation, and it will also help encourage more purchases of electric vehicles so that we can reduce carbon emissions caused by traffic.

2)    We have seen the greatest reductions in single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) over the last ten years due to increased telecommuting. For this reason, I support community broadband, and will work with local employers to incentivize increased telecommuting with our workforce. If applied effectively, we could potentially take thousands and thousands of cars off the road each day!

3)    With more than 50,000 cars coming into Boulder each day, it is critical that we work with regional partners to incentivize mass transportation options so they are more convenient, affordable, and efficient. The first priority here must be to provide first- and last-mile solutions, or creating opportunities for individuals to get from their homes to bus stations, and then get people from bus stations in Boulder to employment centers around town. I also favor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), as well as installing free wifi on buses, to further incentivize in-commuters to take mass transit.

4)    Boulder is at the cutting edge of disruptive technologies, and I want to harness our innovation economy to help us address issues of traffic, unavailability of parking, and economic growth. I was proud to support the Door to Downtown pilot project, which provided subsidized Uber rides from any point in Boulder to downtown. This program generated more than 5000 trips, with an average of two passengers, nearly $85 in spending in our downtown businesses, freed up nearly 400 parking spots per week, and reduced the likelihood of impaired driving. I will continue to push for additional investments in such public-private partnerships, and would work to expand to include a fleet of electric vehicles.