My commitment to addressing climate change through effective carbon reduction strategies is clear, and I first moved to Boulder in order to work for Al Gore’s global climate change initiative. I wholly support Boulder’s goal of achieving 100% renewable power by 2030. However, we must be strategic in choosing the most effective and efficient course toward achieving our climate change goals. In the face of mounting hurdles, it has become clear to me that it is time to take an off-ramp in the effort to municipalize our electric utility system. I am convinced that we can better achieve our carbon reduction and renewable energy goals through alternative measures.

We must push Xcel to fully commit to the direction it has set for 55 percent renewable energy and 60 percent carbon reduction in its Clean Energy Plan, and I believe we can get the rest of the way through investment in energy efficiency and localized renewable energy investments. Finally, transportation is a huge piece of the puzzle in reducing our carbon emissions, and as the chair of the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB), I would be the first member of TAB on Council in more than 20 years. Without this continuing attention to reducing traffic congestion and emissions, we risk losing sight of the enormous impact that transportation solutions can have on reducing congestion and emissions.