Open Boulder Endorses Bill Rigler

"Bill has been Chair of the Transportation Advisory Board for the past two years… has worked locally for Naropa and Ball Aerospace, and previously as a climate advocate on the international level. His is a voice for climate action, diverse modes of transportation, and a welcoming environment for entrepreneurial business. He would also be the first Council member since about 1970 to rent rather than own his home."

Open Boulder

Boulder City Council candidates meet for third small-group forum

"Rigler said that housing is a "deeply personal" issue, since he is a renter. Though more than half the city's residents rent, the council is now, and has historically been, entirely composed of homeowners.”

Daily Camera

Better Boulder Endorses Bill Rigler

"Bill Rigler is the Chair of the Transportation Advisory Board and serves on the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council. Better Boulder supports Bill’s initiatives on transportation (including Vision Zero and neighborhood traffic calming), economic development, and workforce housing. on the Chamber Community." 

Better Boulder

A partnership to manage unsafe neighborhood speeds

“For those neighbors who live on streets that are used as speedy bypasses, we hear you. We know that you understand and share these concerns, and that you worry about the security of your own family and pets. And more importantly, you want to know what you can do about it.”

Daily Camera

Boulder may recalibrate some rules on marijuana shops

“[Rigler] expressed a feeling shared by many people of differing viewpoints: After years of operating under a piecemeal set of rules, businesses, consumers and regulators alike deserve a comprehensive overhaul that can set the tone long-term for the ever-evolving industry. "This is no longer an experiment. It's a $1.2 billion industry," Rigler said. "Either we over regulate to the point where we lose businesses of all sorts, or we create an enabling environment for our companies that's predicated on a level playing field."

Daily Camera

Bill Rigler: 'Toward Vision Zero' a moral mandate

“Boulder residents are increasingly concerned with traffic congestion, unavailability of parking, and meeting our climate commitments. The best way to address these concerns is to provide safe and efficient alternatives for those who would prefer not to drive. There also is a lesson for TAB to learn from past experiences. Most especially, this includes a mandate to solicit input and expertise from the community...”

Daily Camera

The end of the personal vehicle is near

“This is a huge opportunity for Boulder. Kudos to TAB Chair Bill Rigler for exploring it and to former Council Member George Karakehian for pushing to make it happen. I hope others will get excited and help us make Boulder a leader in the future of transportation.” 

Sean Maher, CEO of the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District and Downtown Boulder, Inc

Daily Camera

Bill Rigler: Move Boulder forward on jobs, housing

“Rigler also wants to see the city do more direct purchase of rental units for middle-income workers and have income guidelines that allow teachers, firefighters, police officers, nonprofit sector workers and people engaged in other public service to live here. He wants the city to partner in more creative ways with developers on affordable housing instead of just making developers build units or pay cash in lieu under the inclusionary housing ordinance.”

Daily Camera