Bill Rigler: Boulder City Council

I strongly support housing options for a broad spectrum of incomes, as well as a sensible housing policy that includes the direct city purchase of affordable rental units and incentives for mixed-use housing development in commercial zones.

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Bill Rigler: Lone renter on Boulder ballot says better public process within reach

As a renter of middle-income housing, Rigler said he has to constantly pay more to live in Boulder, and wants to work to preserve opportunity for people in the "forgotten middle" — and for local and small businesses also struggling to maintain footholds.

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Bill Rigler, Matt Benjamin and Jill Grano: Don't divide Boulder

Of the 14 candidates in this election, and despite what some of the campaign committees have asserted, not one candidate has vowed to overturn Boulder's Charter, to build 90-foot high buildings, to turn Boulder into a town of 250,000, or to upend Boulder's commitment to 1 percent growth annually.

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Bryan Smith: Bill Rigler, Jill Grano for City Council's open seats

Bill would be the first renter in four decades and Transportation Advisory Board member in more than 20 years.

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Robert W. Chalfant: An athlete's view of the city election

We need fast-forward thinkers and doers to build Boulder in a way that will cater to all and help make it more affordable and safer for everyone, whether athlete or retirees...that's why I'm voting for Jill Grano, Eric Budd, Jan Burton, Bill Rigler, and Mark McIntyre.

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Jerry Shapin: Vote With Optimism

There has been the creative and more progressive group of candidates who want to more aggressively strengthen livability, diversity and affordability of Boulder; and there are those candidates desired by old-guard organizations and groups who describe a path of ongoing destruction characterized by "unbridled growth," tall buildings everywhere, and gridlock driven by the evil monies of corporate greed and "outsiders." Vote with optimism and hope and vote for Jill Grano, Eric Budd, Mark McIntyre, Bill Rigler and Jan Burton.

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Marco Vienna: False Fear-Mongering in City Council Campaign

Together4Boulder has raised the most money of any unofficial candidate committee...They also said that there are candidates who want to reverse the height limit — something every candidate has flat out denied.

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Daily Camera Endorsements

Eric Budd and Bill Rigler are young civic activists who have done an excellent job bringing back the city Landmarks Board and Transportation Advisory Board, respectively, from the brink of ideological zealotry.

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Jessica Yates: The Politics of Fear

I'm voting for Eric Budd, Jan Burton, Jill Grano, Mark McIntyre and Bill Rigler. The message I hear from them is hope for an inclusive Boulder. Not false fear-mongering.

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David Brown: Endorsing a Diverse Slate of City Council Candidates

As a Founder of Techstars, a global network that helps entrepreneurs succeed...I believe Jan Burton, Bill Rigler, Jill Grano, Mark McIntyre, and Eric Budd are the candidates to tackle our challenges with pragmatism and allow Boulder to face the future without fear of change.

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Mimi Mathers: Supporting Visionary Candidates for City Council

I believe housing affordability is the most pressing issue Boulder faces and I support Jan Burton, Eric Budd, Jill Grano, Mark McIntyre, and Bill Rigler for City Council because they are all committed to taking on Boulder's housing shortage and possess the fortitude to collaboratively arrive at solutions.

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Andria Bilich: For a Less Carbon-Intensive Boulder

We can only promote this future through city leadership that shares this vision, people who are committed to real, tangible support for a less carbon-intensive Boulder — people like Mark McIntyre, Jan Burton, Bill Rigler, Jill Grano, and Eric Budd.

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Jonathan Hiller: Will Boulder Welcome Newcomers?

Boulder should remain open to anyone who dreams big, contributes positively to their community, and pursues meaningful work. That's why I'm voting for Jan Burton, Eric Budd, Jill Grano, Mark McIntyre, and Bill Rigler.

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Rigler: Public Service in the Blood and in Practice

"According to Rigler, the city needs to address severe traffic congestion, with telecommuting and ride sharing among possible solutions. Safety is also a primary concern of his, partially because there have been 60 serious collisions involving cyclists or pedestrians in Boulder within the past year…"

The Blue Line

Crash course: More drivers and cyclists are colliding in Boulder County today than ever before. Why?

Between 2009 and 2014, there were approximately 3,275 collisions involving cars, pedestrians or cyclists reported to BPD…  Last year alone, there were more cyclist and pedestrian deaths than in the previous four years combined. And most of those collisions, the data found, occurred in intersections. “What that indicates to me is that for all of our talk about being this Mecca for cycling and promoting alternate modes of transportation, the reality is if people don’t feel safe riding their bike, they’re going to drive,” Rigler says.

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Open Boulder Endorses Bill Rigler

"Bill has been Chair of the Transportation Advisory Board for the past two years… has worked locally for Naropa and Ball Aerospace, and previously as a climate advocate on the international level. His is a voice for climate action, diverse modes of transportation, and a welcoming environment for entrepreneurial business. He would also be the first Council member since about 1970 to rent rather than own his home."

Open Boulder

Boulder City Council candidates meet for third small-group forum

"Rigler said that housing is a "deeply personal" issue, since he is a renter. Though more than half the city's residents rent, the council is now, and has historically been, entirely composed of homeowners.”

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Better Boulder Endorses Bill Rigler

"Bill Rigler is the Chair of the Transportation Advisory Board and serves on the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council. Better Boulder supports Bill’s initiatives on transportation (including Vision Zero and neighborhood traffic calming), economic development, and workforce housing. on the Chamber Community." 

Better Boulder

A partnership to manage unsafe neighborhood speeds

“For those neighbors who live on streets that are used as speedy bypasses, we hear you. We know that you understand and share these concerns, and that you worry about the security of your own family and pets. And more importantly, you want to know what you can do about it.”

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Boulder may recalibrate some rules on marijuana shops

“[Rigler] expressed a feeling shared by many people of differing viewpoints: After years of operating under a piecemeal set of rules, businesses, consumers and regulators alike deserve a comprehensive overhaul that can set the tone long-term for the ever-evolving industry. "This is no longer an experiment. It's a $1.2 billion industry," Rigler said. "Either we over regulate to the point where we lose businesses of all sorts, or we create an enabling environment for our companies that's predicated on a level playing field."

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Bill Rigler: 'Toward Vision Zero' a moral mandate

“Boulder residents are increasingly concerned with traffic congestion, unavailability of parking, and meeting our climate commitments. The best way to address these concerns is to provide safe and efficient alternatives for those who would prefer not to drive. There also is a lesson for TAB to learn from past experiences. Most especially, this includes a mandate to solicit input and expertise from the community...”

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The end of the personal vehicle is near

“This is a huge opportunity for Boulder. Kudos to TAB Chair Bill Rigler for exploring it and to former Council Member George Karakehian for pushing to make it happen. I hope others will get excited and help us make Boulder a leader in the future of transportation.” 

Sean Maher, CEO of the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District and Downtown Boulder, Inc

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Bill Rigler: Move Boulder forward on jobs, housing

“Rigler also wants to see the city do more direct purchase of rental units for middle-income workers and have income guidelines that allow teachers, firefighters, police officers, nonprofit sector workers and people engaged in other public service to live here. He wants the city to partner in more creative ways with developers on affordable housing instead of just making developers build units or pay cash in lieu under the inclusionary housing ordinance.”

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