I love Boulder, and I have long believed the best way to express my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had here is through my public and community service  into Boulder. I have worked alongside thousands of Boulder residents on a proactive basis to engage and hear about their biggest concerns and recommendations for moving Boulder forward. These priorities aren’t mine alone – they’re all of ours.



In 2016, there were more than 60 serious collisions and 7 transportation-related fatalities in Boulder, including the tragic hit and run of cyclist Bill Davis. And in neighborhoods across Boulder, threats to families and pets posed by speedy cars have led to appeals for increased action and funding. Also,  as the spring fire in Sunshine Canyon demonstrated, our homes and neighborhoods are increasingly at risk by errant fires. I have a strong track record in proactively engaging neighborhoods and community groups, and I will work hard every day to be your voice in improving safety throughout Boulder


With nearly 50,000 in-commuters coming to Boulder every day, and the number of single occupancy vehicles essentially flat over the last several years, we must make travel in and around Boulder more convenient, affordable, and in line with our environmental values. This includes helping get our cars from point A to point B faster, providing first-and last-mile solutions for in-commuters and incentivizing mass transit, making our main traffic corridors safer, improving our network of paths for cyclists and pedestrians, and providing greater transportation equity for our senior citizens and disabled communities.  Transportation is a key element of meeting Boulder’s Climate Commitment, and I will continue to work with stakeholders to explore disruptive approaches to help us attain these goals.


I moved to Boulder because I fell in love with the community and the people, our Open Spaces, the thriving job market, and the affordable housing. As the only renter on Council, I will be a tireless advocate for affordable housing for Boulder’s workforce and young families, jobs and continued economic development.  I believe that Boulder should grow at the rate that best meets our community’s goals for a strong economy while balancing considerations for quality of life and other community standards. I am highly supportive of our economy evolving in a way that is supportive of our startup and tech communities. With this growth, however, comes challenges related to housing, transportation, and displacement, and we need to look on a systems level so we can best meet our objectives for a strong economy and meeting these challenges.