I fully support the Boulder's 55-foot height limit on all development within city limits and the Blue Line that prevents development on our precious mountain backdrop. These two development restraints define our community character, which is why it is appropriate that they reside in Boulder's Charter, our constitution, and any changes would require a full public vote.

Far beyond the Charter-mandated height limit of 55-feet, City Council has imposed additional height restrictions that limit new buildings to 38 feet or lower. I believe this is a missed opportunity to target higher density mix-use and mix-income residential development to areas of the city, like transit corridors and in current commercial zones, that would best accommodate such infill while preserving views of our cherished Flatirons.

Like many of you, I share the frustrations with how the Pearl West building (formerly the Daily Camera building) and some of the newer properties on 28th and Canyon are blocking views. Several members of City Council, including two who are currently running for re-election, authorized those developments. I can assure you that I would take a more thoughtful approach to infill and redevelop as a councilmember.