This is especially important to me. I live in the Uptown Broadway neighborhood, and if elected, would be the first renter on Council in more than 40 years. I completely empathize with people who would love to live in our community, but can no longer afford to and instead are forced to live outside of Boulder and are now among the 50,000 daily in-commuters. If we want to reduce our traffic congestion and reduce our carbon emissions, we must address issues of affordability here in Boulder.

Our priority must be the creation of housing options for a broad spectrum of incomes, especially our middle-income families and workers who are increasingly being pushed out of Boulder. This inclusionary approach would help retain our sense of community and create an environment that nurtures and welcomes our valued workforce, which in turn greatly contributes to our sense of community.  With respect to specific strategies, I will embrace a sensible housing policy that includes the direct City purchase of affordable rental units, as well as incentives for mixed-use housing development in commercial zones.

I also support accessory dwelling units or “granny flats” in existing residential neighborhoods as one way to provide additional housing and to make living in Boulder more affordable to single-family homeowners. All of these options also have the benefit of supporting our sustainability goals through more efficient use of existing developed land and enhanced walkable and transit-friendly environment, which will result in less traffic congestion.

Finally, I believe we can avoid imposing greater density in established neighborhoods, and that we can achieve our housing diversity goals without significantly altering development patterns in our existing residential zones.