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A Progressive Voice for Our Community





I’m running

to bring a progressive voice to City Council.

    I am running for the Boulder City Council because I love our town! I love Boulder for all of its outdoor and cultural assets, for its interesting and accomplished residents, and for all of its unique quirks. I believe the best way to express my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had here is through my public and community service into Boulder.

    Whether you’ve lived in Boulder for five years or thirty, it seems that traffic congestion is worse than ever. Each day, more than 50,000 commuters drive into Boulder. Many of these commuters have been pushed into neighboring communities because they can no longer afford to live here, even though they would like to. And on top of this, last year we saw more than 60 serious collisions and 8 fatalities involving pedestrians and bike riders in our City. We can do better.

    I’m running to bring a progressive voice to Council on Safety, Mobility, and Vitality.

    I’ll work to make our neighborhood streets and civic spaces safer for all users. I’ll work to promote innovative transportation solutions--with an emphasis on wider accessibility--so we can reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. And, I’ll work to advance our economy through smart growth and middle-income housing strategies that benefit young families and working professionals.


    SAFETY: Improved protections and enforcement to ensure that our homes and our neighborhood streets are safe for everyone. 


    MOBILITY: More transportation options, with wider accessibility, to reduce traffic congestion on and carbon emissions. 


    VITALITY: Smart growth and middle income housing strategies to benefit young families and retain our sense of community.


    Meet Bill,

    I’m running for City Council because Boulder has urgent needs related to safety, transportation, the environment, and smart growth and housing strategies. 

    I have more than 20 years of experience working around the world on issues related to climate change, sustainability, economic development, and the health and welfare of the world’s most vulnerable. And I currently serve chairman of Boulder's Transportation Advisory Board, sit on our community's Chamber’s Community Affairs Council, and serve on the board of the Boulder Ensemble Theater Company.

    I am humbled at the opportunity to serve as your representative on City Council, and invite you to learn more about about me.

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    Bill has been endorsed by more than 60 organizations, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and neighbors, including:

    • Better Boulder
    • Open Boulder
    • KC Becker, CO House Majority Leader
    • Seth Levine, Foundry Group
    • Bob Yates, City Council member
    • Aaron Brockett, City Council member
    • George Karakehian, former Boulder City Council member and Deputy Mayor
    • Gerry & Nicole Weinholt, YogaPod
    • Chuck Lief, Naropa University

    Join Bill

    Bill is working to keep Boulder working,
    affordable, sustainable and healthy.
    Here's how you can help.